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Monday, 26 December 2016

"....Roll on 2017, the Year of Hookstick!......"

With four disco funk tracks firmly ready and two currently approved for radio play we are moving into the second phase quite fast. After a video/radio interview in November with Nigel Davis our image is coming together rapidly alongside a really powerful style. We're anticipating our launch in Spring, somewhere between February and April. Tour dates to be announced when our set is firmly together.

In the words of Nigel Davis " Roll on 2017, the year of Hookstick!"

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Trialling our tracks

The first four tracks to trial are now with our plugger and a couple of other contacts. Hookstick writes about real things that have happened, affected us or what we perceive in the world, so unsurprisingly our first release has already stirred up some controversy. This is the world, if we don't get shocked, how can we actually feel anything or make contact with each other? So all good. Let's talk about what's real in the world.

First four tracks:


We're about to be hunted down by a roving reporter to make our first interview to let people know all about us, so the boots are coming out!

Saturday, 17 September 2016


Sorry not to have posted for so long, been working to a deadline. Apologies for those not following our facebook page

We have four wild disco funk tracks ready. The EP is all but together. The band is all but together. The tour is coming together. Any minute now.....

Friday, 17 June 2016

Tom Stedman joins Hookstick

We've been chuffed to welcome the brilliant Tom Stedman to our line-up this month.

Tom has started laying down great guitar lines and has so far covered "Lover" , "Refugee" and "Real", making our pre-launch EP much more visible on the timeline.
Tom Stedman, virtuoso guitarist in a variety of styles including the fingerstyle - Tom can wow crowds with his solo work and so it's a great honour to have him come and work with Hookstick and lend us the benefit of his harmonic and rhythmic sensititivity - just what some of our funk tracks need to bring out the subtleties.

Great to have you with us, Tom!

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Hookstick Update

Hookstick new funk album, "Real". We're about half-way there, about halfway through the production phase.

We are lucky to have on board not only the amazing vocalist, Kes C, but drummer and percussionist extraordinaire Jonny Welburn, whose contributions not only include some great drum patterns and fills, bringing all the tracks to life, but also some authentic and key percussion in this album. He further adds a fair few very exciting vocals to compliment the main lines, contributing massively to the post-funk retro sound.

With driving basslines by Philip Lane and keyboards by Jane Lane, the package is coming together into a sound which we hope to replicate not only in the recorded album, but in the tour planned for later this year.

Tracks include : "Love Dream", "Refugee", "Real", "When Tomorrow Comes", "Who You Are", "Discovery", "Lover", "Serious", "Avada Kedavra", "Sparkles", "123" "Watch This Space" and "Shiver" with a possibility of "I'm Gonna Love You" if we're feeling superstitious.